wedding faqs and fees


High Season (May-Oct) Rental: Fri. Sat. Sun. $10,000/day, Mon-Thurs $7,500/day.*

Low Season (Nov-April) Rental: Fri. Sat. Sun. $5,500/day, Mon-Thurs $3,500/day.*

*Guest count over 200 may affect price. Indoor wedding restricted to 80 guests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does The Chateau have an overnight stay or weekend rental option?

A: Yes! We have just added new packages for your special day to turn into two or three days of private, restful luxury. See our “Additional Options” section below for more details.

Q: What is your policy on animals?

A: We only allow verified service animals.

Q: What is your policy on children?

A: We do understand that children often travel with family or are part of special events. If children do attend an event at CDL, a child care plan needs to be approved and in place for the entirety of the event.

Q: How long can I use the venue?

A: The venue rental fee covers an 8-hour event time within the 12- hour availability period from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm, followed by a 1-hour clean-up period. Decorations are handled by the client. All decorations, gifts and personal belongings must be removed by 11:00 pm to avoid overtime charges.

Q: Early access to the venue for day of event?

A: The venue fee covers an 8-hour event time followed by a 1-hour clean-up time. Earlier arrival time on the day of the event is $300 per hour. This is something you may consider if you want to have earlier access for preparation of hair, makeup, photos, etc.

Q: What if my event start time is earlier in the day?

A: We will evaluate each event and do our best to arrange an 8-hour time frame.

Q: Is there a sound ordinance to be observed?

A: Yes, sound levels must always be kept below 95 decibels (measured from 3 feet away from the sound source). County and state ordinances require that all events end no later than 10:00 pm.

Q: Do you allow outside catering?

A: Outside caterers must be approved by CDL and must also be “full service” caterers who will set up and take down tables/chairs, buss during your event, clean up and garbage collection. CDL does not offer a catering option.

Q: Entertainment Service (DJ, band, musicians)?

A: Any musician or band performing for the event must be approved by the CDL event manager.

Q: Does the venue rental come with an onsite manager for the event date?

A: Yes, an onsite CDL manager is available for service, including consultation (meetings/email/phone), event and vendor oversight, coordination of rehearsal, setup, cleanup, coordination with rentals and vendors, self-directed parking and general event management & security. However, CDL is not your personal event day coordinator. We are simply here to help with venue management and to make sure our facilities are working properly.

Q: Am I required to have an Event Coordinator or Wedding Planner?

A: Yes! At a minimum, you must have a “day of” coordinator to ensure that your plans are thought out and executed, and as a point-of-contact for CDL

Q: Do I get time for a wedding rehearsal?

A: Yes, this is included in the venue rental. You are given 60 minutes, Monday – Thursday, to be completed by 6:00 pm based on availability. At a future time, within 30 days of your event, please call CDL to schedule your event rehearsal date. Please note that although we cannot guarantee your preferred rehearsal time, every effort will be made to accommodate your requested time.

Q: Can I schedule a rehearsal dinner at the time of my wedding rehearsal?

A: Yes, fees and conditions are listed in “Additional Options” in the “Schedule of Fees” section.

Q: Can I bring decorations, food, rentals or personal items a day before or after the event?

A: This all depends on the event schedule at CDL. Often times it may not be possible. Please discuss this with the event manager.

Q: What items are not allowed on the lawns?

A: Absolutely no tent stakes or anything that can puncture the lawns. Tents will require base pads and hold down barrels or concrete blocks for stabilization. We do not allow any fire pits, fireworks, seeds, fake flower petals, confetti or any chemicals that can damage the lawns or walkway. If you have any items in question, please ask the CDL event manager.

Q: Is smoking or chewing allowed?

A: CDL has a designated smoking/vaping area outside. No indoor tobacco use is allowed. No chewing tobacco is allowed indoors or outdoors.

Q: What does the service and gratuity fee cover?

A: This covers owner or staff time for all meetings, correspondence, walk-through, rehearsal, vendor access to CDL, event set up, clean up, stocking of Bridal Suite and Groom Quarters, garbage disposal, event security, gratuity and coordination with service providers. The main rental fee just covers the use of an expensive facility and grounds, utilities and taxes etc. but not CDL event labor.

Q: Do you have indoor restrooms?

A: Yes, there are restroom facilities in all rooms as well as near the main great room. Guest counts exceeding 200 will require additional porta-potties at your expense.

Q: Is there Self-Directed Parking?

A: Yes, signs are in place for event self-directed parking. We have spaces for up to 105 cars.

Q: Are tables and chairs provided?

A: CDL provides up to thirty 60″ round tables, up to four 6′ long rectangular tables, and up to twelve 24″x24″ black metal tables and 48 matching black metal chairs. We will have chairs available for 2025 events. We will not provide linens for tables, but can arrange for your rental to ensure a smooth event.

Q: May I take “save-the-date,” engagement, or other special event photos at the venue prior to my event?

A: Yes! This service is included in the rental fee. Please coordinate with CDL staff to arrange a date.

Q: Do you require special event liability insurance?

A: Yes, each event is required to carry a special events liability insurance policy. Cost is normally $100 to $200. Please see contract Section 11 for full details.


Your outside venue rental gives you full use of Great Room, bridal suite, groom quarters, ceremony pavilion, outdoor patio and grounds immediately around the house, lawns and gardens.

Indoor weddings are restricted to 80 persons in the Great Room, entry, kitchen and formal Dining Room.

Venue availability is any 8-hour period between 10:00 am until 10:00 pm the day of the event. All decorations, gifts and personal belongings must be removed by 11:00 pm to avoid overtime charges.

Rental payment: 50% at contract signing, non-refundable, applied towards venue rental fee.

Due within 120 days of event: 50% balance of Rental Fee, 10% Service Fee and $1,000 refundable Damage Deposit.

 Additional Options:

  • Overnight private stay option (Price includes venue rental charge; accommodations for up to 15 guests in 4 suites): One night before or one night after your event, private rental of the Chateau for all rooms and amenities: May-Oct, Mon-Thur, $9,400; Fri-Sun, $12,500. Nov-April*, Mon-Thur, $6,600; Fri-Sun, $8,750. Check-in time for day-before event rental: 4:00 pm; check-out time for day-after rental: 10:00 am
  • Weekend or 3-day, 2-night private stay option (Price includes venue rentalcharge; accommodations for up to 15 guests in 4 suites): Saturday events, Friday 4:00 pm – Sunday 10:00 am, May-Oct $16,000; Nov-April* $11,200. Sunday events, Saturday 4:00 pm – Monday 1:00 pm, May-Oct $22,000, Nov-April* $13,700. Mid-week events held Mon-Thur, May-Oct $12,000, Nov-April* $8,400. Check-in time day before event: 4:00 pm; check-out time day after event: 10:00 am.
  • Rehearsal Dinner or other Celebration Dinner option: $20 pp, $250 minimum, maximum 80 persons. Tables included. Two hours allotted for this event, available hours are 4:00 pm – 8:00, Monday – Thursday. If booking for a wedding rehearsal, your dinner must be scheduled to be held within 1 week of your wedding, and booked no more than thirty days prior to your reserved wedding date with a 50% deposit.
  • Decorative Wine Barrels: Daily rental $20 each.

*Indoor events limited to 80 guests