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About Us

At Chateau De Lis, we believe in turning dreams into reality. Nestled in the heart of Oregon City, our European-inspired venue offers timeless elegance and a touch of enchantment to every celebration

Who are we?

At Chateau De Lis, our story is one fueled by a passion for building more than just a chateau; it’s about creating a haven that brings people together. Inspired by the belief that special places forge lasting connections, we embarked on a journey to craft a venue where love, celebration, and joy converge. The Chateau stands not only as a testament to architectural grace but as a dedicated space for uniting hearts and fostering shared moments.

Our passion lies in the intricate details of crafting an environment that transcends its physical structure. From the foundation to the turrets, every element is infused with the purpose of creating a warm and welcoming space. Chateau De Lis is not just a building; it’s a labor of love designed to be a backdrop for laughter, joy, and the shared experiences that make life truly remarkable.

Join us in this passionate endeavor, where the dream of a chateau becomes a reality, and the purpose is to bring people together in the embrace of timeless celebrations.


Meet The Owners Of Chateau De Lis

Deep love for architecture intertwines with a commitment to crafting extraordinary spaces that become the backdrop for unforgettable moments and enduring memories

Meet the owners of Chateau de Lis, John and Chauncy Childs.
John is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully built several businesses and is currently
engaged in real estate projects. The Chateau is largely his brainchild and passion – he personally
designed the pool tilework, the front courtyard, future arboretum and church ruin, and many
other aspects of the interior and landscaping of the Chateau.
Chauncy is a successful home educator of six children, a professional quilter, and life coach. She
also enjoys gardening and hobby farming, and has worked with John to create the unique and
stunning landscaping and interior spaces so many enjoy at the Chateau.
Together they have designed a special space for gathering friends and family for lasting
memories in a truly unforgettable setting.